Mutu. Selaras. & Komitmen.

Professional Series Intrusion Detector – Knows when to alarm. Knows when not to.

Bosch Professional Series Detectors integrate and process data from up to 5 different sensors adjusting sensitivities for
the most accurate alarm decisions ever.


Most reliable alarm decisions with Sensor Data Fusion
Only Bosch balances and adjusts sensitivities of up to 5 internal sensors and fuses the data to make the world’s most intelligent alarm decisions.
Active White Light Suppression
Only Bosch eliminates false alarms due to white light such as car headlights.
All ranges covered with TriFocus Optics
Only Bosch provides consistent coverage across entire coverage area, even when height is changed. No lens adjustment required.


Short installation time and complete reliability for decades.
  • Sensor Data Fusion for reliable alarm decision
  • TriFocus Optics with three focal lengths for long-, middle- and short-range coverage
  • Active White Ligth Suppression to eliminate false alarms caused by stray lights
  • Range-adaptive microwave sensor for superior catch performance and false alarm immunity
  • Sealed units prevent damage during installation as well as false alarms
  • Flexible mounting height allows the detector to be positioned conveniently
  • Unique ergonomic sliding design, requiring only seconds to mount
  • Built-in bubble level allows you to level horizontally and vertically without extra tools
  • The LED automatically adjusts intensity to compensate for the ambient light level


Reliable- easy to install - efficient
Thanks to new, patented technologies such as Sensor Data Fusion, TriFocus Optics and Active White Light Suppression, you get the most reliable intrusion detector for industrial and commercial applications. Professional Series detectors are designed to reduce installation time by 25% by a host of helpful features.


Bosch Professional Series
You find Professional Series in all commercial and industrial environments:
  • Banks and vaults
  • Retailers of premium goods(jewelers, electronics, camera shops) 
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Offices