Mutu. Selaras. & Komitmen.

DCN Wireless Discussion System – Now ready for interpretation.

The Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers exceptional functionality and freedom for conferences and seminars in both small and large venues.


DCN Wireless Discussion System
Quick set-up – No impact on location
The wireless system allows owners to service customers better, easily and more effectively. With minimal time required for set-up or break-down, multiple events can take place in sequence, meaning better and more effective use of the system.

  • No cables have to be laid or holes drilled
  • Designed to be beautiful and unobtrusive
  • Easy to organize conferences anywhere
DCN Wireless Discussion System
Single access point – Interference proof
The award-winning Wireless Access Point (WAP) provides a consistently strong connection for a range of approximately
30 m (100 ft). The WAP can be positioned centrally for optimal coverage or easily moved to the most convenient location in the room.

The whole system is protected against interference from:

  • Mobile phones
  • Equipment making use of WiFi, Blue-Tooth or
    microwave signals

Flexible system expandibility
A highly mobile and flexible solution, the DCN Wireless Discussion System (up to 150 units) can be combined with DCN Next Generation wired units (up to 95 units). This is an easy and efficient way to add extra capacity to practically any conference facility.

In a multilingual meeting, participants can follow the discussion in their native language via the channel selector
on the wireless discussion units.


  • Digital wireless discussion system
  • Leading edge, future-proof solution
  • Set up quickly with no impact on location
  • Easy to organize conferences anywhere
  • Easy-to-expand DCN Wireless System with DCN Next Generation Wired Units
  • 10-language capacity for interpretation
  • Award-winning design
  • Stable and secure digital communication
  • Immune to mobile phone interference


DCN Wireless Discusion Units
No Interruptions – Absolutely safe
The system features high capacity and easily removable chargeable battery packs, as well as a dynamic overview of battery consumption. To conserve power consumption during longer breaks, each unit is capable of a patent-pending
“sleep mode”.

  • Easily removable chargeable battery packs
  • Patent-pending “sleep mode” to conserve power consumption
  • Digitally protected against tapping or eavesdropping
DCN Wireless Discussion Units
Conference Control Software
The conference control software allows an operator a great degree of control over the system. Delegate names can be easily assigned to all wireless discussion units before a meeting. The operator has control over the microphones during the meeting; he can start or stop voting sessions and display and log the voting results.

  • Operator can monitor the battery status of every wireless unit
  • Optimized for touch screens and features a multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI)


DCN Wireless Discussion System
Discover the possibilities...
The wireless system can be adjusted to meet any discussion requirement: from a basic set-up requiring no operator to a fully interactive voting arrangement with a large screen display.

Get down to talking in no time

  • Ultimate wireless flexibility
  • Crystal clear speech intelligibility
  • Easy battery management

Let’s make it interactive
Electronic voting, Bosch Congress Control Software:

  • Fast tally and display of delegates votes
  • Anonymous voting possible
  • Logging of results
  • Full voting functionality

Look who’s talking
Camera Control:

  • Fast-moving dome camera to show current speaker
  • Fixed camera to show an overview image of the venue
  • Speaker information on screen
  • Operator-free camera system

Strong combinations

  • Easy-to-expand DCN Wireless System with up to 95 DCN Next Generation Wired Units
  • A fast and efficient way to extend last-minute capacity

Crystal clear in 10 languages

  • Delegates follow the meeting in their own language
  • 10-language capacity for interpretation
  • Integrated channel selector in discussion units