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Divar XF Hybrid Digital Recorder

Divar XF is Bosch’s first embedded hybrid DVR to support RAID-4, 8 H.264 IP cameras, H.264 video compression and 25 IPS 4CIF resolution on all channels.


Our Divar XF is the first Bosch embedded digital recorder to offer hybrid functionality with support for 8 or 16 analog cameras and up to 8 H.264 IP video streams. Divar XF uses highly efficient H.264 video compression to deliver real-time (25/30 IPS), 4CIF performance on all channels.

Equipped with four front replaceable hard drives, a maximum of 4 TB internal storage and optional RAID-4 protection, Divar XF is built for applications that demand the highest levels of data availability.


The Bosch Divar XF Hybrid Digital Recorder provides you with all the details without having to compromise on image quality or frame rate.
  • Hybrid operation for support of analog and H.264 IP cameras
  • On-board RAID-4 delivers high-performance recording and uninterrupted system reliability
  • Easy front replaceable hard drives provide the flexibility to add up to 4TB of additional storage 
  • Unsurpassed image quality via H.264 video compression reduces storage needs by as much as 30%
  • Software Development Kit for third party integrations makes the XF ideal for medium- to large-scale and growing systems
  • Unique keyboard loop-through feature lets you control up to 16 Divar XF hybrid digital recorders from a single IntuiKey keyboard.


Divar XF: top-of-the-line performance
  • Superior H.264 compression technology maintains image quality while reducing bandwidth needs and storage costs
  • H.264 IP camera support, plus up to 16 analog channels 
  • On-board RAID-4
  • 25/30 IPS 4CIF resolution on all channels
  • Internal DVD burner for easy video export and archiving
  • Front-replaceable hard drives, expandable up to 4 terabytes
  • Intuitive user interface with easy-to-use, menu-driven options
  • Remote management via Control Center application software
  • Keyboard control – up to 16 Divar XF controlled by a single keyboard
  • A VideoSDK (Software Development Kit) is available for third party integrations


With 8- and 16-channel models available, the Divar XF is ideal for medium- to large-scale and growing systems. And with the VideoSDK (Software Development Kit) it is suitable for any third party integrations.
Divar XF is a true winner in:
  • Shopping centers and retail
  • Car parks
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • City centers and public monitoring applications
  • Crowd surveillance
  • Casinos and hotel complexes