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Dinion IP - Flexible, high performance solutions for the most challenging locations

With a wide variety of lens options to choose from, Dinion IP cameras can be tailored and optimized to suit your most demanding application. The cameras support both analog and Ethernet connections, making them compatible with existing CCTV installations and giving you plenty of scalability potential. This allows easy migration to the newest digital technology while preserving your original investment.
Models in our Dinion family include the Dinion and DinionDN IP cameras. Also, for the most demanding applications, the DinionXF IP camera uses 15-bit digital signal processing to enhance light sensitivity and XFDynamic to extend its viewing range with sharper, more detailed pictures and exceptional color reproduction accuracy.

In low light, these cameras automatically switch from color to monochrome to boost their infrared illumination sensitivity while maintaining superior picture quality. Problems due to strong backlighting are a thing of the past thanks to programmable backlight compensation. Both the level of compensation and zone of interest can be programmed, ensuring you get the best result, whatever the application.


  • Hybrid IP camera – concurrent analog and Ethernet operation with built-in IP and BNC connections that bridge existing and new technology
  • Superior digital image quality with IP connectivity
    – DVD-like quality of 30 IPS at 4CIF
    – MPEG-4 and JPEG compression modes simultaneously
  • 15-bit digital signal processing and XF-Dynamic for outstanding image quality and exceptional dynamic range
  • Highest sensitivity for low light conditions
    – Day/Night IR* sensitive with mechanically switching filter or NightSense extended sensitivity
  • PoE enabled, IEEE 802.3af compliant
  • Complete system solutions – compatible with DiBos, VIDOS and other video management systems to create integrated, scalable systems
  • Storage-efficient tri-streaming technology, with video multicasting and Internet streaming
  • OSD-enabled network confi guration makes set-up as easy as possible

*DinionXF Day/Night IP only