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Megapixel IP - Ultra high definition video cameras for capturing the smallest details

Crisp, clear video that remains highly detailed even when zooming in on the action. That’s what Bosch Megapixel IP cameras deliver with ultra high resolution digital
images of up to 3 million pixels.
For a given resolution, a single multimegapixel camera can view a far wider area than a typical analog camera, letting you cover the same area with fewer cameras.

Megapixel cameras complement our DiBos digital video recorders perfectly, giving you the flexibility of mixing analog and digital cameras together. You can also combine local cameras with IP-linked cameras located anywhere in the world for the most comprehensivesystem coverage.


  • Ultra high resolution
  • Multiple streams
  • Virtual PTZ within main view and 4 user-defined areas in industry standard JPEG format
  • Integrated in the Bosch DiBos system
  • Selectable resolution and frame rate
  • PoE enabled, IEEE 802.3af compliant