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High Speed Positioning System: 0 - 100° in 1 second!

Applications often demand something special from surveillance cameras. They might need to move fast to track speeding vehicles, keep details sharp even when zooming in quickly, or operate under difficult weather conditions. The Bosch high speed positioning system answers all these demands in a single, complete solution that’s high on quality and performance as well as speed.


Speed and precision

The Bosch High Speed Positioning System combines a high speed Pan&Tilt mechanism with a choice of advanced cameras and fast, long focal length zoom lenses – including optimized DinionXF-zoom combinations.

Sharp and detailed images

Available in both high performance color and IRsensitive day/night models, all our DinionXF cameras feature a unique combination of 15-bit digital video processing for enhanced sensitivity, and XF-Dynamic for extended dynamic range. Combined with our fast, long focal length zoom lenses, our DinionXF cameras deliver sharp and detailed image with outstanding color reproduction.  

Packed with advanced features  

To maintain high quality pictures under difficult conditions DinionXF cameras are packed with advanced features, such as SensUp and NightSense to handle changing lighting conditions, and Auto Black to counteract the effects of fog or glare. So not only can you keep pace with the action, video images will stay bright and clear, with the detail you need to make identification easier.  


360º performance

Capable of panning at 100 degrees per second, our high speed positioning system gives you precise positioning and continuous 360° pan. Its tilt speed reaches an equally impressive 40° per second. Tilt movement ranges between – 90° and + 40° allowing viewing far above the horizon.

360° synchronization

The Pan & Tilt speed is instantly synchronized to the amount of zoom of the lens, therefore providing smooth viewing even while completely zoomed in. Functionality includes autopan and preset tours – all accurate to within 0.02 degrees.


Privacy zones possible

‘Privacy zones’ can be inserted within the camera’s view by using the sector blanking feature or the camera module’s privacy masking. Also, the position and size of masked areas are automatically adjusted to allow for pan, tilt and zoom (valid for the camera module).

Multi-protocol compatibility

Our high speed Pan&Tilt solutions are complete, self-contained units with multi-protocol capability, making them easy to install, maintain and use. Fitting perfectly with Bosch CCTV systems, they can be controlled via DiBos, Divar and Allegiant platforms, or other third party systems.


For locations with extreme conditions

CCTV Systems are often installed in difficult locations with extreme conditions; so you need a solution that has extra robustness and is low on maintenance. The aerodynamic polycarbonate casing means our high speed positioning system is built to handle the elements.

Ideal for different applications

This makes it ideal for applications such as viewing traffic going uphill, ski slope surveillance and monitoring building facades.