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Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers

Bosch’s EVAC compliant Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers deliver unprecedented sound quality, with excellent reproduction of high and low tones, so music sounds great and speech is crystal-clear.


The ceiling loudspeaker range from Bosch will be extended with foreground music and evacuation compliant speakers
Special features, like smooth frequency response, high power handling with overload protection, and a fit solution for low ceiling installation, make these ceiling loudspeakers suitable for application areas as health centers, restaurants, hotels, bars and shops.

The main driver for this product range extension is the provision of a ceiling solution for applications where entertainment and emphasized music reproduction is required and also live speech and public address- or evacuation messages need to be broadcasted.


Easy installation
Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers are easy to install, even in tight, suspended ceilings. Every model is shipped with a tile bridge and mounting ring, ready to install, right out of the box.

EVAC compliance
EVAC compliance means the speakers have added reliability and will ensure proper working of the voice evacuation system in the event of an emergency.

The economical choice
Wide dispersion means fewer speakers can be used to cover a larger area, so the installation can be both efficient and cost-effective.

No unsightly boxes or cables
The flush-mount design replaces big wall-mounted speakers, delivering power and performance without unsightly boxes or cables.


The Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers by Bosch make it easy to create and install a custom set-up for every application. Professional sound has never been better.

Dynamic sound for music and speech and excellent bass response
With a waveguide-coupled, titanium-coated dome tweeter and an integrated, fully-ported enclosure, the speakers reproduce high and low tones with amazing quality.

Complete range for every application
Within the Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeaker range (the Flush mount 4” and 8” ceiling loudspeaker, the Tight- and Heigh-ceiling loudspeaker and the High-efficiency ceiling loudspeaker), you can choose the perfect ceiling speaker for every ceiling height. This range also includes an optional subwoofer for extra sub-frequencies.

EVAC compliant (EN60849, BS5839-8)
With heat resistant connectors and thermal fuses, the Premium-sound line meets or exceeds all necessary standards for voice-alarm applications (EN60849, BS5839-8).

Overload protection
Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers are powerful enough to handle heavy signal loads, but to protect against abnormal high-input signals, they’re all equipped with an overload protection.


These EVAC-compliant loudspeakers are the perfect choice for today’s most sophisticated public address systems in a wide range of applications such as health centers, restaurants, hotels, bars and shops.

Health Center
Whether it's high-energy music with a strong bass line in the aerobics room, relaxing background music in the bar area or announcements in the changing rooms and reception area, the Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeaker brings clear voice and inspiring music sound.

This range of Ceiling Loudspeakers typically fit in hotel lobbies, where high ceilings and hard surfaces can pose a real challenge for acoustics. Premium-sound complies with the international EVAC standards to ensure that vital messaging features function when people need to be evacuated. For suspended or open ceilings, the 12" High-efficiency ceiling loudspeaker will assure the perfect fit with its high power.

Shops and retail stores
Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeakers reflects any style and invites customers to enjoy their experience. Adding a subwoofer intensifies low tones, for a younger vibe with a strong beat.