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Hemi-directional Loudspeaker


Sophisticated design & technology
The Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker is as architecturally impressive as it is technically innovative. Utilizing advanced filtering and a unique combination of 14 loudspeaker drivers, Bosch has developed a powerful loudspeaker which delivers clear speech and quality music reproduction, even at the boundaries of the projection range.
With an elegant form and easy single mounting point, this speaker is equally suited to both modern and historical settings. The durable housing produces superb bass reproduction while leaving unwanted resonations out – a tribute to its acoustical design.


Durability you can rely on
The Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker is suitable for even the most challenging of indoor environments, including dry and humid applications. Installers will appreciate the
loop-through cabling provision and optional safety cord. A metal suspension bracket set is available if a fixed installation of the speaker is desirable.

Having passed rigorous tests, the Bosch Hemidirectional Loudspeaker is guaranteed to operate even under extreme conditions. EVAC compliant, it meets or exceeds all necessary standards for voice alarm installations (IEC60849 and BS5839 part 8). For advanced speaker maintenance, there is even a provision for mounting optional supervision boards – a unique Bosch innovation.


  • Optimized for speech and music reproduction
  • Utilizing advanced filtering and a unique combination of 14 loudspeaker drivers
  • Clear speech and quality music reproduction
  • Extremely robust


Large area application
The Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker is an easy to install, innovative loudspeaker which projects consistent and high quality sound, ensuring superb reproduction of background music and high speech intelligibility for paging or emergency calls. The speaker’s opening angle and high sound pressure level allows it to cover at least 600 square meters when applied in high ceiling areas like warehouses, transport and exhibition halls, mega stores and swimming pools. Representing excellent value for money, this high power pendant loudspeaker combines superior acoustical technology with a subtle and beautiful form.