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Bosch Gets Extreme – CCTV Illumination Now Available

The recent acquisition of the Extreme CCTV group by Bosch Security Systems allows Bosch to expand its already extensive CCTV portfolio to satisfy an even wider base of applications and needs.


Today's surveillance systems demand 24/7 effectiveness. A complete range of infrared and visible white light illumination from security lighting specialists Derwent Systems is now available from Bosch.

Featuring innovative lighting technology and installation friendly design, Bosch illuminators are designed for long life, high reliability and low maintenance and are field proven in critical security applications worldwide to enable unrivalled night-time surveillance.


  • Complete range of LED and long life quartz halogen bulb based illumination
  • Even Illumination across the cameras entire field of view
  • Patent pending illumination technology
  • Low power consumption for greener, more environmentally friendly lighting 
  • Semi covert and covert infrared options prevent light pollution and enable undetectable night-time surveillance
  • Visible white light acts as a deterrent to criminal activities
  • Suitable for internal and external surveillance
  • Enables the optimum night-time performance of analogue and megapixel cameras, IP platforms and video analytics


  • Black Diamond* micro-refractive lens technology bends and shapes light for wider beam patterns, increased range and Even Illumination
  • Patent pending Constant Light** technology automatically compensates for LED degradation
  • Built in 12/24V AC/DC regulated power control circuit** can eliminate the need for a separate PSU for quicker, more aesthetically pleasing installations
  • Long life quartz halogen bulb and LED based illumination
  • Range of beam patterns for complete area coverage
  • Semi-covert, covert and visible white light options
  • Low power consumption for greener, more environmentally friendly lighting

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  • Town and city centres
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Correctional facilities
  • Ports & harbours
  • Airports
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Schools and colleges
  • Car parks and forecourts
  • National heritage sites
  • Retail
  • Wherever evidentiary quality night-time surveillance images are required