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Sound Projectors – Perfect design meets superb sound quality

When visual appeal has to be matched by absolute reliability and superb sound quality, the Bosch Sound Projector is the ideal choice.


Bosch Sound Projectors
Versatility and power
The Bosch sound projectors’ optimal acoustic shape and top-of-the-line components allow them to produce a remarkable range of low and high tones equally well. This means great-sounding music and perfectly intelligible speech, projected clearly at high volumes and over long distances.

'These qualities are rarely found in one and the same loudspeaker solution.

Elegant style – superior sound
Bosch sound projectors have an elegant visual design that blends easily into a vast range of different interiors. Completely invisible wiring and the simplicity of the case design make them very easy to customize.
  • Exceptional styling
  • Four highly versatile models
  • Superb reproduction of both music and speech
  • Built to handle continuous, heavy use
  • EVAC Compliant


Unidirectional Sound Projectors
You can get unidirectional Sound Projectors with 10 or 20 W for high quality speech and music reproduction in indoor and outdoor applications. The state-of-the-art design is matched to both modern and traditional style environments. The sound projector is suitable for use in voice alarm systems.
Bidirectional Sound Projectors
Two loudspeakers facing in opposite directions are ideally suited to applications such as tunnels, long corridors and shopping arcades. Bidirectional Sound Projectors are available with a powerful 10 or 20 W bi-directional sound projector intended for high quality speech and music reproduction in indoor and outdoor applications.


Total ease of installation
Bosch sound projectors were specially designed for easy and fast installation in places where other speakers can’t go. Loop-through cabling ability ensures fast installation. Once attached, they can be aimed with the precision of a spotlight to localize sound exactly where it’s needed.
Long-term endurance
The Bosch sound projectors are incredibly tough. An extensive series of tests confirms their ability to withstand environmental and powering extremes. They even can withstand two times their rated power for short durations.


Bosch Sound Projectors
Top-notch styling and superior projecting power combine to make this series the ideal choice for:
  • Office buildings.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Airports.
  • Any other complex indoor or outdoor environment.