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FlexiDome IP - Perfectly designed cameras for discrete surveillance

FlexiDome IP systems make installation easier than ever and bring their own touch of style to your surveillance applications. Stylish looks and outstanding performance – complete solutions that combine dome elegance with exceptional
image quality.
Beneath the attractive, vandal-resistant dome lies a high performance color CCD network camera. Using our Dinion or DinionXF technology, FlexiDome IP systems offer a host of features to ensure clear, sharp, high-definition pictures at all times, even in brightly backlit locations.

NightSense compensates for fading light, automatically switching to monochrome to increase sensitivity, and the FlexiDomeDN IP Day/Night model includes a mechanical switching IR filter to provide enhanced nighttime performance.

MPEG-4 compression, bandwidth throttling, multicasting and IVMD, all combine to manage storage and bandwidth usage with excellent efficiency. You can record images
centrally using network video recorders, or directly with networkattached iSCSI devices.


  • Award winning Dinion and DinionXF camera performance
  • High impact, vandal-resistant enclosure
  • Superior digital image quality with IP connectivity
    – DVD-like quality of 30 IPS at 4CIF
    – MPEG-4 and JPEG compression modes simultaneously
  • iSCSI recording
  • IVMD with video content analysis
  • PoE enabled, including AC or DC external power supply
  • Easy to install and commission