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Divar MR Recorder

More than just a video recorder, Divar MR from Bosch is a complete CCTV management solution in an embedded unit. You get high-quality digital recording on up to 16 channels plus you can view and control cameras, handle alarms and check device status all through one convenient interface.


Affordable yet packed with exceptional features, our Divar MR range delivers a comprehensive solution for more modest applications. Ease-of-use and versatility feature highly in its design, giving you hassle-free recording and management.


Divar is easy to operate, and it features a Control Center application to manage your system remotely. Connect a variety of external devices and Control Center gives you flexible options to create a scalable video management system.

Best of all, Divar comes with peace of mind. Using an embedded design, it maintains the security of your recordings while eliminating the hassle of software patches and anti-virus installs. In fact, Divar is so simple to set up, operate and maintain that you’ll save time and money while increasing your security.

You’ll see more details
In CCTV, image clarity is everything. And Divar delivers. You’ll see more detail in the images recorded by your Divar, whether it’s real-time viewing or recording and playback.
Each Divar model delivers exceptional video performance while allowing you to tailor the video quality and memory consumption to your particular needs. Capture the information you need while you save on storage space and reduce storage costs. With Divar, the choice is clear!


  • Easy-to-use versatile features including simultaneous live and playback image viewing, Smart Search, e-mail event notification and protection of recorded events
  • Compatibility with Bosch CCTV keyboard, Bosch and third-party dome and PTZ cameras, Bi-phase interfacing to dome
  • Variety of control and input options including mouse, CCTV keyboard, front panel and IR remote control
  • Real-time recording and playback in CIF resolution
  • Control Center software for centralized viewing, playback, export and configuration remotely


The Divar MR is ideal for:
  • Retail applications
  • Schools
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels