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SIP@Net is an essential element in providing a broad range of critical voice features and functions within a converged network environment. SIP@Net introduces IP call processing software and extends over the whole range of SOPHO iS3000 series models. It forms the basis of the iS3000 series migration to IP converged networks.

SOPHO SIP@Net provides customers with voice and networking features that are essential for conducting business in an effective and reliable way. It is a uniform software platform designed for SOPHO iS3000 hybrid communication systems and provides the engine for next generation platforms and applications in the SOPHO communications framework. SOPHO SIP@Net software is designed to enable different types and sizes of business to combine IP telephony with a broad range of traditional voice features.

Key features

  • Uniform open software platform for all iS3000-series models
  • Rich set of features designed for wired and non-wired users
  • Sophisticated features for group and manager/secretary arrangements
  • Multiple features for operators
  • Open connectivity for ISDN and IP applications and networks
  • Software platform for SOPHO applications
  • Open interfaces for third party applications
  • Tight functional integration with system management tools and maintenance features