Mutu. Selaras. & Komitmen.

Business Mobility is fully integrated into the NEC Philips PBX platforms, which makes Business Mobility applications:

  • Scalable. Configuration may start small and grow big (e.g. more than 10000 cordless users per iS3000 node)
  • Feature rich. Wireless and wired phones are identical to the system. They can be mixed and matched in Chief/Secretary groups, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems and Call Centres. High range handsets can function in all locations of the network. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality is fully available for wireless phones as it is for wired phones

Business Mobility is open by fully adhering to the DECT standard, including the GAP/CAP/E2 Open-Air interface.

The international DECT standard ensures secure communications by means of very reliable encryption technology. All NEC Philips DECT and IP DECT equipment (access points, handsets) make use of this encryption and can therefore be applied securely. When NEC Philips DECT Access Points and NEC Philips handsets are used the communication is encrypted and cannot be listened in to.